The Data Protection Policy employed by has been developed as an extension of our commitment to combine the finest quality services with the highest level of integrity in dealing with our clients, suppliers, associates and staff. The Policy guides how we collect store and use information about individuals and organizations. It will be continuously assessed against new technologies, business practices and the changing needs of everyone we deal with.

Our Data Protection Policy recognizes two kinds of personal data that deserve different levels of protection: Personally-Identifiable Information includes, for example, e-mail addresses, billing information, employment status and `click stream` data that tracks visitor activity on a Web site or online service.

A subset of that category, Sensitive Data, deserves additional safeguards. Sensitive Data include, by way of example, Clients` confidential data, individuals` home telephone numbers, Bank Account, Income Tax and National Insurance numbers, interview notes, CV`s, etc. If your relationship with us includes providing with Sensitive Data, we will protect that information with extra care. We will not distribute Sensitive Data outside of, if you so request, and will give you the chance to opt out of sharing this information within our own organization. collects Personally-Identifiable Information and Sensitive Data only when there is a legitimate business need to do so. privacy policy provides the following:

Notice: We will inform you about why we are collecting Personally-Identifiable Information and how we intend to use it. We need to collect and store your name, address, and other basic Personally-Identifiable Information, for example, to provide you with the service you requested, as well as for billing purposes.

Opt Out: From time to time, we are approached by companies and organizations that have a product or service that we believe may be of interest to you. We may share your Personally-Identifiable Information with these companies in an effort to help you find these resources. We will, however, always gain your permission before disclosing Personally-Identifiable Information to third parties that are not affiliated to

Security: We will maintain appropriate safeguards to ensure the security, integrity and privacy of your Personally-Identifiable Information;

Review and Correction: We are continuing to enhance our procedures to enable you to review and correct, upon request, the Personally-Identifiable Information we collect from you. Currently, we need you to make such a request in a manner that can be verified; will not sell personal data in any form, including mailing lists. All its data are for internal use only: will continue to oversee implementation of and compliance with our Policy and will adapt the Policy to reflect changes in technology and the expectations of everyone we deal with. To ensure that we are following our stated Policy, we also conduct periodic and random audits of our Web sites and other systems. Data Protection Policy has been developed out of respect for the privacy preferences and choices of our candidates, suppliers customers, associates and staff. We have established procedures to ensure that every reasonable effort is made to address your concerns. If you have any questions or comments on and its data protection policy please contact us. If you have a complaint about our handling of data, you have the right to involve the Information Commissioner - but please inform us first, preferably by e-mail to , so that we may have the opportunity to address any issues directly with you. UAB EUROVUDAS, 126284815, Kirtimų 59D, Vilnius, Lithuania


Qu'est-ce que le mouvement du bois (tassement) ?

Tout d'abord, le bois est un matériau de construction vivant, qui "vit et bouge" après l'assemblage d'un chalet en bois. C'est l'un des matériaux les plus anciens utilisés dans la construction de maisons.

Couleurs pour un chalet

Le bois est un matériau de construction vivant, qui "vit et bouge" après l'assemblage d'un abri en bois. C'est l'un des plus anciens matériaux utilisés dans la construction de maisons. Les meilleures couleurs pour peindre un chalet en bois Un chalet en bois est une charmante option d'hébergement pour les vacances ou même comme résidence principale. Cependant, choisir la bonne couleur pour sublimer votre chalet peut être une tâche difficile. Le mouvement ou le tassement du bois est souvent moins important dans les petits produits en bois, mais dans la construction de chalets en bois, il peut avoir un impact énorme. Si de grandes surfaces en bois sont jointes, cette propriété du bois doit être prise en compte ; sinon, le produit peut se casser, se plier, s'affaiblir ou s'effondrer.

Comment éviter l'humidité dans un chalet en bois?

Vous remarquez peut-être de la condensation dans votre salle de bain, votre cuisine ou votre chambre d'enfant. Dans la chambre des enfants, ce problème est souvent causé par un humidificateur, que de nombreux parents utilisent. Si vous utilisez un humidificateur dans n'importe quelle partie de votre maison (y compris l'humidificateur de fournaises), vous pouvez essayer de le baisser.


Notre chalet en bois Marseille (72 m²)

Ce chalet d'été est un choix parfait si vous envisagez un hébergement pratique pouvant accueillir jusqu'à 4 personnes ou même plus. Chalet d'été de 3 chambres conçue pour profiter au maximum de la lumière naturelle et du paysage qui l'entoure.

Nouveau modèle Alicante (116 m²)

Les chalets en bois sont de plus en plus populaires dans le monde entier. Ce modèle est moderne sont spacieux, lumineux et confortable. Vous y trouverez 4 chambres, un grand espace commun, 2 salles de bain et une terrasse.

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